Air Guitars at the ready…

Air Guitars at the ready…


Two New TUBBZ Rockers Take to the Stage! 

Get ready to rock out as Numskull adds 2 more rock legends to its TUBBZ Rock collection.  Even as cosplaying rubber ducks they look rock-tastic and wouldn’t look out of place on an album cover. 

First to take to the stage is Ozzy Osbourne, in his ‘Diary of a Madman’ era, or should we say ‘Diary of a Mad Duck’.  Either way he’s totally rocking this look, and even as a TUBBZ collectible there’s absolutely no mistaking this music legend. 

Meanwhile, make some noise for Iron Maiden’s iconic mascot, Eddie the Trooper.  His stage costume of choice is his Cyborg Eddie look with a TUBBZ collectible vibe. Fans will go wild for his new image, he has stage presence in any collection. 

Five Rockers To Collect 

With the addition of these two new rock legends, there are now 5 music TUBBZ for rock fans to collect.  The rest of the line-up includes Motorhead’s whisky-scented Lemmy, the Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne, with bat in hand, and Iron Maiden’s Eddie the Trooper reflecting the original artwork.  

Don’t miss these ‘First Editions’ 

Rather like tickets to a rock concert you will need to be quick. These are First Edition TUBBZ that come in a bathtub featuring the Ozzy Osbourne/Iron Maiden logo, perfect for displaying.  ‘First Edition’ is stamped on the base of the actual duck with a ‘First Edition’ holographic sticker on the packaging. 

Only the initial run produced will be classed as First Editions – fans won’t want to miss out!