Destiny TUBBZ
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    Discover the Ultimate Collectable Experience with Our Destiny TUBBZ!

    Enter an alternate universe of Destiny, where the epic characters from Bungie's acclaimed series are transformed into quirky, collectable ducks! Perfect for fans of the franchise, gamers, and collectors alike, these high-quality figures capture the essence of Destiny’s iconic heroes and villains in a charming and playful design.

    Each Destiny TUBBZ figure is approximately 3.5 inches tall and is crafted from durable materials, ensuring that they are built to last. Housed in a unique bathtub display box designed with Destiny-themed graphics, these figures are ideal for showcasing on your shelf, desk, or in your collection case.

    From the valiant Guardians to the fearsome Fallen, every TUBBZ figure is meticulously designed to reflect the intricate details and distinctive features of your favourite characters from the game. Whether you’re a Warlock, Titan, or Hunter, our Destiny TUBBZ collection can be a great addition to your gaming memorabilia.

    Why Choose TUBBZ?

    At TUBBZ, our goal is to bring your favourite characters to life in adorable duck form. We have a wide variety of officially licensed TUBBZ figures that are designed to resemble characters from popular movies, TV shows and video games!

    Our products are made with high-quality materials and have meticulous designs. Regardless of which fandom you’re passionate about, you can find the best products by exploring our extensive collection of boxed TUBBZ, mini TUBBZ, and plushie TUBBZ! They also make great gifts, and are perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just because.

    This is your chance to show off your love for the game with these fun and unique collectables that bring a splash of whimsy to the serious world of Destiny. Don’t wait—add the Destiny TUBBZ to your collection today and let these adorable ducks quack their way into your heart!