Previously Sold-out Gaming TUBBZ Return to the Duck Pond

Previously Sold-out Gaming TUBBZ Return to the Duck Pond

Last week saw the hugely popular Goro Majima (Like a Dragon / Yakuza) released as a Boxed TUBBZ after the First Edition sold out in record time. Today, six more previously sold out TUBBZ from the video games range have been released as Boxed Editions giving fans another opportunity to own these best-sellers.

Don't miss this second chance to own these hugely popular TUBBZ. Packaged in themed collector's boxes, Boxed Editions offer the same high-quality design and craftsmanship as the original releases. Seize the opportunity to own these sought-after TUBBZ before they disappear once again!

DOOM Slayer Boxed TUBBZ in display box

DOOM Slayer - Clad in his iconic green armour and armed with a super shotgun, even in his TUBBZ form it’s no wonder demons run at the mere sight of DOOM Slayer!

Marauder Boxed TUBBZ in DOOM display box

Marauder - Little is known about the mysterious double-axe wielding demon with horns known as Marauder but just from the mere sight of him, we can tell he’s at the beak of his performance, even as a cosplaying duck!

Clicker TUBBZ in it's TUBBZ display box

Clicker - These Clickers from The Last of Us may not come with super strength and echolocating abilities in their TUBBZ form, but we’d still advise keeping as quiet as possible when close to them!

Kratos & Atreus TUBBZ in their God of War display boxes

Kratos - Greek God of War Kratos swims through the shores of Midgard as he ducks and weaves, axe in hand to challenge the Norse deities. 

Atreus - Son of Kratos and a warrior frost giantess, Atreus embraces his godhood and takes flight to join his father in the fight against the Norse gods.

Oscar from Dark Souls in Boxed TUBBZ packaging

Oscar, Knight of Astora - A beloved character among fans of the Dark Souls series, Oscar’s iconic armour makes him the living embodiment of all things heroic - even as a cosplaying duck!

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These officially licensed TUBBZ figures boast meticulous attention to detail, capturing the essence of each character. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a collector of unique memorabilia, adding these TUBBZ to your collection is sure to turn heads and ignite conversations.