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1. TUBZZ Star Trek

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Just Geek’s TUBBZ Star Trek collection is a must for every television and pop culture enthusiast! This is a fun way to turn beloved characters from the original series into rubber ducks that are both adorable and whimsical. 

The TUBBZ series is part of a larger collection that reimagines a variety of characters from different pop culture universes as bathtub-ready rubber ducks. Each figure from the original Star Trek series is carefully crafted to capture the character’s essence, complete with uniform and recognisable props, while still maintaining a fun duck-like shape. 

At Just Geek, each TUBBZ Star Trek figure is made of high-quality PVC and comes in a variety of colours. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to display your favourite Star Trek characters or just want to add a little bit of science fiction fun to your bathtime, these TUBBZ collectables are sure to be a hit with collectors and Star Trek fans of all ages. 

Not only do they serve as nostalgic keepsakes, but they also make great gifts! Head over to Just Geek and grab your favourite TUBBZ collection of Star Trek! Spock TUBBZ and James T. Kirk TUBBZ’s boxed edition awaits you!

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TUBBZ

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Just Geek’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TUBBZ characters are transformed into unique rubber ducks as part of our irresistible collection. This collection is part of a wider range that includes a variety of characters from pop culture, all of whom are also rubber ducks. 

Each turtle character, from Leonardo to Raphael to Michelangelo to Donatello, comes with its own unique set of features and accessories, all of which reflect the personalities of the TMNT characters from the original series. 

Made from high-quality PVC, these collectibles come with a collector's bathtub display case, which makes them even more appealing for your home decoration. 

The newest addition to the TMNT TUBBZ collection is the Mini version, which offers smaller, but more detailed versions of the beloved characters. This fun twist on the classic TMNT merchandising appeals to both original TMNT fans and unique memorabilia collectors.

3. Lord Of The Rings TUBBZ 

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Just Geek’s TUBBZ reimagines iconic characters from the “Lord of the Rings” series like rubber ducks. Available through Just Geek, these TUBBZ feature detailed designs that capture the essence of characters such as Gandalf and Arwen, as well as Treebeard. 

Each figurine comes in a unique “Lord Of The Rings” display box, making them even more appealing as collector’s items. These TUBBZ combine the fun of Middle-earth with the iconic elements of the series, giving it a unique twist for collectors and fans alike.

4. Back To The Future TUBBZ

A journey back in time would be incomplete without a waddling companion, at least that's what we have heard from our geeky friends. At Just Geek, we hear you and cater to your needs with our amazing Back to the Future TUBBZ collection

Elevate your collection with these beaked buddies as you hop onto your new adventure. With irresistible deals at Just Geek, grabbing the Marty 2015 TUBBZ Cosplaying Duck or Doc Brown 1950s TUBBZ has never been easier! 

Coming boxed in an awesome displayable ‘Back To The Future’ tub display stand, this one-of-a-kind collectible is great for fans of the series to stock up on. 

Featuring the Back to the Future Logo and available in a collector’s bathtub display box, this premium collectible showcases minute details of the iconic characters. 

Fulfil your geeky dreams with this high-quality TUBBZ rubber duck that is available at insane deals only at Just Geek and TUBBZ

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