Cue a Movie Double Whammy! Dirty Dancing & The Hunger Games Join the World of TUBBZ

Cue a Movie Double Whammy! Dirty Dancing & The Hunger Games Join the World of TUBBZ


It’s a great day for movie and rubber duck fans as legendary dancers and fighters join the TUBBZ cosplaying collectibles.  Say quack quack to icons from Dirty Dancing and The Hunger Games. These special First Edition TUBBZ come complete with display bathtub featuring movie logos and are a must for collectors.  As with all First Editions, when they’re gone, they’re gone, fans won’t want to miss out on these gems.

Nobody puts ducky in the corner!

Too right! Display these mambo-tastic TUBBZ on shelves, desks, tabletops or anywhere else immediately!  Johnny & Baby are ditching Kellermans and getting their groove on at the duckpond and are set to have the time of their lives as TUBBZ rubber ducks.  Baby obviously will be carrying her watermelon, this is not any old watermelon, but a rather deliciously scented watermelon. Meanwhile Johnny is smouldering in his signature leather jacket and slick hair. This adorable duo are sure to be a hit with movie fans, the exquisite detail will blow your dancing shoes off.

I Volunteer… as a TUBBZ Cosplaying Duck!

Let the ducky games begin.  When it comes to which pop culture icons to turn into TUBBZ next, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark couldn’t volunteer quick enough. These tributes have had more than enough of the dystopian world of Panem and are looking for a better life at the duck pond and who can blame them

The Hunger Games fans will recognise this pair in an instant with the essence of their characters captured perfectly. Katniss is wearing her trademark black combat suit, hair braided and with her bow and arrow bag slung over her ducky shoulder. Peeta is in his District 12 suit with a paintbrush in hand, ready in case he needs camouflage, old habits die hard.


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