Fallout Fever Hits the Duck Pond!

Fallout Fever Hits the Duck Pond!

Vault Boy Takes on the Wasteland as a Mini TUBBZ - Vault-Tec's Cutest Creation Yet?

April looks like being a great month for Fallout fans; the highly-anticipated TV series is set to air on Friday 12th April, and today, Numskull has announced the release of the Vault Boy Mini TUBBZ.

The iconic mascot of the Fallout series has emerged from a vault to not only find himself mutated into a TUBBZ cosplaying duck, but as a Mini TUBBZ meaning Vault Boy is 50% smaller than a regular TUBBZ!

Vault Boy Mini TUBBZ is part of the Fallout series of TUBBZ which includes Vault Boy, Vault Girl, Nuka Cola Girl, T-51, and T-51 Nuka Cola. Originally released in 2021, they proved to be extremely popular with fans and sold out quickly. These fan favourites were brought back as Boxed TUBBZ last year, giving fans and collectors a second chance to add them to their collections.

Fallout - Boxed TUBBZ

  • Official Bethesda merchandise
  • Designed and engineered by Numskull Designs
  • TUBBZ – your favourite video game, movie, TV show, and comic book characters come to life as cosplaying ducks
  • Five Fallout characters to collect
  • Premium collectibles – highly detailed features and made from high quality PVC
  • Approximately 3.54” (9cm) tall