Introducing ‘TUBBZ Tuesday’… it’s a thing!

Introducing ‘TUBBZ Tuesday’… it’s a thing!


If you're quackers about TUBBZ  listen up! We’re going to make this really simple! 

There will be new TUBBZ collectables dropping every week on a Tuesday. No more wondering when the next rubber duck will hatch, no having to remember to check social channels and this, your favourite TUBBZ hub, for new releases. All new TUBBZ releases will be revealed at 3pm (BST) on a Tuesday, every Tuesday like clockwork, so now you know!  Brace yourself for TUBBZ Tuesday bringing you special collectables each and every week.  The duck excitement just got turned up a notch. 

For the uninitiated, TUBBZ is not your ordinary collection of collectable rubber ducks.  They’re super quirky cosplaying ducks with exquisite character detail paying tribute to legends from the world of video games, TV shows, movies and comic books.  They are a must for any collector, cosplayer or pop culture enthusiast.  

The cosplaying ducky-verse offers lots of TUBBZ in various sizes and formats: 

  • First Edition TUBBZ: complete with display bathtub, these will only ever be released once. When they’re gone, they’re gone! 
  • Mini TUBBZ: super cute and half the size of First Editions in a duckling sized bathtub. 
  • Boxed TUBBZ: SOME of the most popular characters that have sold out can make a comeback in a stylish box. 
  • XL TUBBZ: Super-size status for those HUGE characters, 150% larger than the other TUBBZ. 
  • TUBBZ Plushie: same features as the rubber ducks but cute and cuddly. 

TUBBZ Tuesday kicks off tomorrow with not one, but two new drops from the world of movies. To ramp up the excitement we’ll give you a clue… one of them is a very special, XL character.  Clear your shelves for the BIG one, it’s 150% bigger than the other TUBBZ in the collection and is guaranteed to stop people in their tracks, it’s magnificent! 

Get ready to take the plunge at 3pm (BST), tomorrow, Tuesday 16th April, you won’t want to miss out on these two fantastical collectible ducks, so make sure you dive in! 

Set your alarms and mark your calendars for each and every Tuesday for new TUBBZ releases and join this quack-tastic collectible adventure! 

Find out more in this video.