tubbz ducks horror, Scarred Chucky from Child's play as a TUBBZ duck

The Ultimate List of TUBBZ Horror Character Figures

Sugar, spice and everything nice. We all know what heroes are made of. 

But what about the anti-hero? What about the characters that leave our mouths open with a silent scream? Those that give us that unfamiliar gut-wrenching feeling in our stomach. 

You find them as critters, dolls, aliens, ghosts or sharks. They enter our dreams and leave us as nightmares! Speak of their name and you’ll find your legs going wobbly with fear.

We at TUBBZ know how awesome horror and suspense thrillers are! Like you, we have a long list of frightening characters we’ve grown to love.

And we’ve crafted the perfect blog featuring the ultimate list of horror characters. So what are you waiting for? Let’s unleash the wonder of horror with this spooktastic list of characters as your favourite TUBBZ ducks horror figures and TUBBZ plushies.

1. Chucky TUBBZ: Your Sinister Bath Companion!

Chucky - famously known as the evil serial killer masquerading as a Good Guy doll from the movie Child’s Play - is perhaps one of the most iconic characters in American Horror history. Needless to say, there is a dedicated set of fans of this American slasher media franchise created by Don Mancini.

You know there’s nothing ‘good’ about Chucky’s menacing look, but he’s an iconic character you cannot forget. We’ve gone one step further to incorporate the horrific essence of Chucky in our Chucky Scarred Chucky TUBBZ Cosplaying Duck Collectible. Catch the rendition of the unmissable stitched-up face and sinister grin on your loving yellow duck. Stock up on this one-of-a-kind TUBBZ ducks horror collectable before he does voodoo on you!

Our cuddly TUBBZ plushies version is a must-have for both TUBBZ and Chucky fans.

2. Jaws TUBBZ: A Tiny Terror for Your Tub

ubbz ducks horror, Scarred Chucky from Child's play as a TUBBZ duck

Who can forget the mighty shark in Jaws?

Da Dum. Two famous notes have brought fear to kids and adults alike for many years. The great white creature - Bruce - from the 1978 classic had the power to send chills down your spine. 

Keep in mind it was at a time when CGI or animatronics were not as sophisticated as it is today. The result, as we know, Spielberg’s genius flick spooked us away from beaches and oceans.

Relive the familiar feeling of fear with our TUBBZ Jaws collectables. Our official Jaws merchandise has multiple TUBBZ Jaws creations for you to choose from. 

Check out the Jaws Bruce TUBBZ Cosplaying Duck Collectable where your friendly duck is dressed up as the infamous Bruce. Your favourite predator is also available in a mini version (although not less menacing!) as Official Jaws Bruce Mini TUBBZ.

Take your Jaws collection to the next level with our XL Jaws Bruce figure. This menacing Bruce has a scuba tank in his mouth and a harpoon jutting out of his side making it a one-of-its-kind piece. Grab the Official Jaws Bruce TUBBZ plushie from our TUBBZ plushies collection. (And don’t be fooled by his soft look; he’s still a man-eating shark!)

3. Demogorgon TUBBZ: Enter the Upside Down in Your Bathtub

tubbz stranger things, Stranger Things Demogrogon TUBBZ duck figure.

Who can miss this insanely terrifying creature from the hit Netflix series?

The petal-like head and sharp teeth are nothing other than nightmare material. At TUBBZ, we transformed the Demogorgon into an adorable rubber duck. And voila! This TUBBZ, Stranger Things edition, perfectly captures the essence of the Demogorgon with its unique design and attention to detail. You cannot deny how wonderfully it stands out! 

Whether you're a fan of the show or just love horror-themed collectables, the Stranger Things Demogorgon TUBBZ figure is a must-add. Bring the Upside Down into your home with the TUBBZ Stranger Things collection.

4. Jurassic Park Velociraptor TUBBZ: Bathtub Predators Unleashed!

Tubbz Ducks Jurassic Park, Menacing Velociraptor dinosaur from Jurassic Park movie in TUBBZ form.

Jurassic Park was released in 1993, at a time when dinosaurs were merely restricted to overactive imaginations. Let us take you back to the prehistoric ages with our TUBBZ ducks Jurassic Park collection.

Some fans still debate who the real ‘villain’ in the movie was - clumsy Dennis Nedry or the mighty T-Rex. (Although nothing beats the dominance of the T-Rex in our Giant XL edition). However, there’s one thing all Jurassic Park fans will agree on - how the sly Velociraptor suddenly coming onto the screen gave them heart palpitations.

Recreating that very feeling for you is our Official Jurassic Park Velociraptor in a Jurassic Park-themed display box. This part dinosaur, part duck is bringing his claws to a pond near you!

While the debate continues, focus on being the loyal Jurassic Park fan that you are and collect the entire TUBBZ ducks Jurassic Park collection.

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