New Ghostbusters Legends for Your Empire

New Ghostbusters Legends for Your Empire

What a year to be a Ghostbusters fan, it’s the 40th anniversary of the original Ghostbusters movie, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire drops this week and to top it all, there are 4 new Ghostbusters TUBBZ collectables available right now! What a time to be alive!

Dana Barrett, Louis Tully, Terror Dog and Gozer are the latest characters to join the bustin’ gang of TUBBZ rubber ducks.  The exquisite detail on these is exceptional making these figurines stand out in any collection.

Collectors won’t want to miss out on these quack-tastic ‘First Editions’. They are the only editions that will come with a bathtub and have ‘First Edition’ stamped on base of the duck and a sticker on the packaging. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

These new collectibles take the number of Ghostbusters rubber ducks to an impressive 15. So, if you haven’t started collecting, what are you waiting for?

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