New Mini TUBBZ Make A Splash!

New Mini TUBBZ Make A Splash!

The world of TUBBZ collectible rubber ducks has just got bigger and smaller at the same time!  Bigger as there are three quacking new characters, smaller because they are Mini TUBBZ, half the size all the epic detail.

Tiny Troopers!

Here’s a new pint-sized protector of the galaxy. The Stormtrooper Mini TUBBZ rubber duck collectible stands at just 2 inches tall, with all the iconic armour detail in a teeny bathtub for display.  This Mini TUBBZ is ready to march its way straight to fans’ collections.

From the Apocalypse to the Duck Pond

This dynamic duo from The Last of Us, Joel and Ellie, are also mini versions of their quacking selves. These two have braved the post-apocalyptic world, and now they’re ready to conquer the duckpond as Mini TUBBZ collectibles! The design detail captures the essence of these popular characters to perfection in all their mini glory. Joel, with his gruff demeanor and trusty gear, and Mini Ellie, with her determined, feisty spirit and signature backpack.

Happy Collecting!

These miniature cosplaying ducks are a quirky, fun addition to any collection. At just 2 inches high these TUBBZ collectibles are the perfect size, easily fitting on a desk or shelf without taking up too much space. What they lack in size is made up massively with meticulous detail, you’ll recognise these pop culture legends in an instant.