Quirky Evolution: Unveiling the Whimsical History of TUBBZ - The Cosplaying Ducks

Quirky Evolution: Unveiling the Whimsical History of TUBBZ - The Cosplaying Ducks


In the vast and ever-evolving world of collectables, there's one unusual yet utterly charming phenomenon that has been making waves – TUBBZ, the cosplaying ducks. These quirky and imaginative collectable figurines take beloved pop culture characters and reimagine them in duck form, resulting in a delightful fusion of fandom and whimsy. In this blog post, we'll embark on a journey to explore the fascinating history and evolution of TUBBZ and how these quirky ducks have captured the hearts of collectors and fans around the world.

Origins of TUBBZ: A Splash of Creativity

The story of TUBBZ began with the British company Numskull Designs, known for its innovative approach to gaming merchandise and collectables. In 2019, Numskull introduced the world to a novel concept – collectable rubber ducks dressed up as popular characters from video games, movies, television shows, and more. Standing at around 9 cm tall, these ducks were more than just toys; they were miniature works of art that combined fan-favourite characters with the inherent adorableness of ducks.

Ducks in Disguise: The Evolution of TUBBZ

The initial success of TUBBZ led Numskull Designs to continually expand their range, collaborating with various licensors to bring an array of characters to life as cosplaying ducks. From iconic video game characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and Resident Evil to famous film personalities like Batman and Ghostbusters, the TUBBZ collection grew to encompass a wide spectrum of pop culture.

TUBBZ ducks don't merely mimic the characters they portray; they ingeniously adapt their iconic traits to fit the duck form. Whether it's Batman's cape, Hannibal's mask, or the Ghostbusters' proton packs, every detail is meticulously considered to create a harmonious blend of character and duck aesthetics.

Collectability and Charisma: The TUBBZ Appeal

What makes TUBBZ so endearing and captivating is its inherent charm and collectability. These cosplaying ducks tap into the nostalgia of beloved franchises, offering fans a unique and light-hearted way to showcase their fandom. For collectors, TUBBZ represents a delightful addition to their shelves, simultaneously celebrating the characters they adore and the creativity of the collectables' design.

Moreover, TUBBZ embodies the spirit of fan culture. They bridge the gap between casual fans and die-hard enthusiasts, inviting everyone to embrace their favourite characters in an unconventional and light-hearted manner. The cuteness factor of ducks combined with the familiarity of iconic characters creates an irresistible combination that resonates with a broad audience.

Global Popularity and Future Prospects

Since their inception, TUBBZ has gained a global following, captivating collectors and pop culture enthusiasts across the world. With every new release, fans eagerly anticipate which characters will be duckified next, making TUBBZ a dynamic, ever-evolving, collectable series.

As TUBBZ continue to explore diverse franchises and collaborations, their future prospects seem promising. The concept's inherent adaptability ensures that there's a seemingly endless array of characters to bring to life as cosplaying ducks, ensuring that fans and collectors can look forward to many more imaginative releases in the years to come.


TUBBZ - the cosplaying ducks - have carved out a unique and whimsical niche in the world of collectables. Born from the creativity of Numskull Designs, these adorable and imaginative figurines offer fans a delightful and unconventional way to express their passion for pop culture. With their broad appeal, collectability, and ever-expanding range of characters, TUBBZ has cemented their place as a charming and enduring phenomenon that brings joy to fans, collectors, and casual enthusiasts alike.