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Meet Your New Snuggle Buddies With TUBBZ Plushies Edition

Who doesn't enjoy cuddling soft plushies after a hectic and overwhelming day?

Whether you’ve had a hard day at work, or have a child in bed nursing a cold, to save the day, we introduce you to the most adorable TUBBZ Plushies! This delightful collection is where all your favourite characters transform into the newest and the most adorable snuggle buddies

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Grab your favourite collection of TUBBZ in the UK, whether it's the MINI TUBBZ or boxed edition, without any worries. 

These plushie toys provide a distinctive twist by fusing the snug, cuddly appeal of plush toys with the trademark TUBBZ design, making them the ideal gifts for both comfort-seekers and collectors. 

As soft plushies, TUBBZ Plushies can provide a delightful and whimsical touch to your daily life, whether you're decorating your work space, looking for the ideal present or simply need a comfortable companion for movie evenings.

Are you ready to discover your new best friends, TUBBZ Plushies Edition, where cuddly comfort meets adorable fun?

Four Soft Plushies To Grab Today!

1. Official Destiny TUBBZ Plushie

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The Official Destiny Cayde-6 TUBBZ Plushie is an essential souvenir for Destiny video game franchise lovers. As one of the softest plushies ever created by Numskull Designs, it is made entirely of polyester, which gives it softness and durability. 

It showcases the adored Cayde-6 Exo robot in a charming new design that's ideal for displaying (or hugging!). It is machine washable and a part of a wider selection of plush toys with a Destiny theme that will appeal to collectors and fans of the game.

If you are a fan of Destiny merchandise, then you are in for a treat. Our collection also offers the Official Destiny Zavala TUBBZ Plushie and Official Destiny Eris Morn TUBBZ Plushie. It’s time to stock up your collection before our goods run out of stock! Quick!

2. Official Jurassic Park TUBBZ Plushie

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As soft plushies, Just Geek presents the Jurassic Park T-Rex TUBBZ Plushie, a collector's item that every fan of the venerable franchise must own. This TUBBZ T-Rex plushie is so soft you can’t even hear her.

Grab one quick and display it in your Jurassic Park Collection - it really is the safest place for her. This machine-washable dinosaur, which is 6.5 inches high, 9 inches broad, and 5.5 inches long, gives your collection a distinctive touch. 

The Jurassic Park T-Rex Plushie is a delightful and cosy way to relive the adventure and excitement of the series, whether it is used as a cuddly friend or purely exhibited.

This is the perfect collectable for any Jurassic Park fan and someone who is looking to build their collection! Grab yours today!

3. Official JAWS TUBBZ Plushie

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Introducing Bruce, the ferocious shark from "Jaws," who is now in a cute and cuddly shape thanks to the Official Jaws Bruce TUBBZ Plushie. Numskull Designs created this one-of-a-kind collectible, which has machine washing convenience and is made from 100% polyester fabric. 

Standing 7.5 inches tall, 9 inches broad, and 5.5 inches long, Bruce's plushie shape preserves his recognisable shark traits, making it the ideal gift for any "Jaws" fan. 

Bruce makes sure you can experience the excitement of "Jaws" without running the risk of it being in real life, making him perfect for an exhibition or as part of a larger collection of soft plushies.

Grab this soft plushie and look for many more. For TUBBZ in UK, shop at Just Geek before stock runs out!

4. Official Resident Evil Tofu TUBBZ Plushie

The TUBBZ collection of collectibles has an adorable new addition in the form of the Official Resident Evil Tofu TUBBZ Plushie, which combines soft comfort with classic pop culture. 

With its knife attachment, this plush toy, which is based on the eccentric Tofu character from the acclaimed Resident Evil series, is prepared to face off against any zombie threat. 

The plush toy, created by Numskull Designs, is machine washable and composed entirely of polyester. This item offers both novelty and nostalgia, making it a must-have for any fan of Resident Evil or TUBBZ.

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