Stand by your Fart Blaster!   Six New TUBBZ Characters Incoming!

Stand by your Fart Blaster! Six New TUBBZ Characters Incoming!


Numskull has dropped a bumper crop of new TUBBZ cosplaying duck collectibles with characters from Minions, Jurassic Park, Original Stormtrooper and Power Rangers joining this ever growing line-up. There are now over 250 characters from the world of movies, gaming, comic books and TV shows, for fans to get their hands on. 

Minions: Arise King Bob! Doesn’t he just fit the royal bill? Here’s Bob, complete with his crown and regal cloak. But here comes Kevin with his Fart Blaster, he’s got mischief written all over him, let the chaos commence.

Original Stormtrooper:  Attention, we have a new recruit!  The Original Stormtrooper, or shall we say duck trooper, has been deployed to the duck pond and your collections, so quick march.   

Power Rangers: The pond is out of control! Yellow and Black rangers could see that Pink, Blue and Red needed some support, so these two superheroes are on their way. Five Power Rangers are better than three! 

Jurassic Park:  Get ready for a dino stand-off! We’ve had the XL T-Rex TUBBZ and now a standard T-Rex TUBBZ, complete with bathtub, is crashing into the Jurassic Park collection, cue running and screaming! 

Get the First Editions! 

These First Edition TUBBZ come in a bathtub featuring the franchise logo, great for display purposes.  Plus, ‘First Edition’ is stamped on the base of the actual duck with a ‘First Edition’ sticker on the packaging.