The Last of Us, Mass Effect &   Horizon Forbidden West

The Last of Us, Mass Effect & Horizon Forbidden West

Icons from the world of gaming have had the much-coveted TUBBZ makeover and join this popular, fast-growing cosplaying duck collection.  These five characters are from three massively games franchises: The Last of Us, Mass Effect and Horizon Forbidden West. 


They are all ‘First Editions’ coming in a collector’s bathtub, featuring franchise logo with ‘First Edition’ printed on base of duck and sticker on packaging. Clear the shelves!

The Last of Us: Good news, more The Last of Us TUBBZ characters have landed.  Bad news, one of them is infected! 


Bill:  Here’s Bill bracing himself for the unexpected in the duck pond, weapon in hand. He’s going to do whatever it takes to survive this post-apocalyptic disaster.  You definitely want him on your team and in your collection. 


The Bloater:  Horribly disfigured, The Bloater shows what happens when you are struck down with the dreaded infection. Skilful design captures all the gruesome detail to perfection, he looks hideous and fantastic at the same time. 


If you missed out on Joel, Tess and Ellie TUBBZ, these are back as *‘Boxed TUBBZ’ editions, no bathtub this time! 


Horizon Forbidden West:  Aloy’s latest quest is to become a TUBBZ cosplaying collectable, mission accomplished!  She can’t help but look incredible as a cosplaying duck armed with her weapons, she’s definitely going to attract attention (she will hate that)! 

 Mass Effect: These two leading characters are leaving the Milky Way and looking to join any fans collection! Check out the detail, you know who they are! 

Garrus Vakarian: The Turian has had a change of identity, leaving the alien form behind in favour of becoming a cosplaying duck. Garrus TUBBZ is in the blue/black C-Sec (Citadel Security Armour) with his face disfigured from taking that missile. 

Commander Shepard: ‘Spectre’ Commander Shepard’s N7 uniform tells the duck mates that he’s had first-class training, no duck does it better!  This veteran soldier deserves respect. Make space in your collection and show your allegiance! 

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