Crash Bandicoot TUBBZ
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    Dive into the Mayhem With Our Crash Bandicoot TUBBZ!

    Calling all Crash Bandicoot enthusiasts! Explore our Crash Bandicoot TUBBZ collection—where your favourite video game characters are transformed into adorable collectable ducks.

    These high-quality, meticulously crafted figures bring a quirky twist to the iconic heroes and villains of the Crash Bandicoot universe. Ideal for gamers, collectors, and fans of all ages, each TUBBZ figure captures the essence and charm of beloved characters like Crash, Coco, and Dr. Neo Cortex, all reimagined in delightful duck form.

    Standing at 3.54 inches tall, these collectable ducks are made from durable material and come housed in a stackable display box, complete with the signature Crash Bandicoot branding. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the series or new to the adventures of Crash, these TUBBZ figures would make an amazing addition to your collection.

    Why Choose TUBBZ?

    At TUBBZ, we’re dedicated to bringing fan-favourite characters to life in unique duck form. We have a wide variety of officially licensed duck figures that are carefully designed to look like characters from popular movies, TV shows and video games!

    Our products are made with high-quality materials and have incredible attention to detail. Whether you’re a pop-culture enthusiast looking to build a collection or you want gifts for your fanatic friends and family members, you can browse our extensive collection of boxed TUBBZ, mini TUBBZ, and plushie TUBBZ!

    Go ahead and add a splash of nostalgia and fun to your shelf, desk, or display case with Crash Bandicoot TUBBZ. Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of gaming history, uniquely reimagined and perfect for celebrating your fandom. Order your Crash Bandicoot TUBBZ today and quack up your collection!