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    Get Battle Ready with Tekken TUBBZ

    Who can forget the excitement surrounding Tekken back in the 90s? We know how this Japanese fighting game just blew everyone’s minds! And now the same initial excitement is palpable in the latest version of this gaming franchise. With nostalgia relive the feeling of amazement in our cosplaying TUBBZ ducks coming to life as Tekken characters! All this and more, only on TUBBZ.com

    From Heihachi to the infamous Kazuya, it's time to celebrate your favourite Tekken characters in duck form. We know how much Tekken means to you, so we’ve made sure to include highly detailed features to capture the magic of the characters on screen. Designed and engineered by Numskull designs and with TUBBZ as the official licensing partner for Tekken TUBBZ ducks, you know you’re buying the best from the best.

    Don’t hold back, fight for your ducks before they’re gone!

    Why Choose TUBBZ?

    At TUBBZ, we know what your favourite gaming characters mean to you as a fan. We know the surreal feeling of discovering the latest limited edition collectible and finding a place for it in your home. So we make sure to deliver the best collection for fans and collectors alike. Our Tekken TUBBZs come boxed in a cool displayable tub stand with the Tekken logo and the feature to stack on top of your other TUBBZs.

    So what’s holding you back? Bring back the quack to your collection! Start shopping!