A rubber duck looking like Joey Tribbiani from FRIENDS is holding a pizza slice.

Could These FRIENDS TUBBZ BE Any More Amazing?

It was way back in the early nineties when the American TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S first premiered. Since then, it has gained cult status as the most popular, quotable, and memorable sitcom in TV history. Set in The Big Apple, it talked about the everyday troubles in the lives of six friends, from dating, relationships, heartbreaks, marriage, divorce, children, food, careers, parents, and more.

We don't blame you for still being obsessed with this series after all these years. Whether you’re a Ross, a Rachel, a Joey, a Phoebe, a Chandler, or a Monica, know that you’re not alone in the loyal (and still growing) fandom. With plenty of memorabilia out there for fans to lay their hands on, why not take your love for this show up a notch with our unique TV TUBBZ character collectables?

At TUBBZ, we’ll be there for you, with a string of memorabilia in the form of cute FRIENDS TUBBZ ducks! In the words of Rachel Green, “Isn’t that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic?” Read on to see what our TUBBZ collection has in store for you.

The One With the Joey Tribbiani TUBBZ

Non-food sharer and Italian stallion Joey Tribbiani rocked New York City with his acting chops. A true friend in the most real sense, when he’s not womanising all the women in The Big Apple, he’s eating his heart out. Remember how he amazed everyone by being the only soul to finish Rachel’s infamous half Shepherd’s Pie and half English trifle during Thanksgiving? So next time the fridge breaks, you can count on our FRIENDS Joey Duck to finish all the food, not just the breadcrumbs.

Our cute Joey Tribbiani TUBBZ is very much like the Joey on TV, holding up a pizza slice with a napkin tucked like a bib in his shirt collar. Invite our FRIENDS Joey Duck to dinner, but remember, ‘JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!’

The One With the Rachel Green TUBBZ

Remember how Rachel Green wowed everyone in Central Perk with her entry to the FRIENDS gang - a runaway bride in a pristine white wedding gown? Just like that, our Rachel Green TUBBZ is all set to wow you with her famous “Rachel hairstyle” and chic dressing sense. Holding a Central Perk coffee cup, she’s in her waitressing avatar, all set to be the perfect hostess to all your other collectables in our FRIENDS rubber duck set.

Invite her to your home, but don’t ask her to make her infamous Thanksgiving Meat Trifle pie!

The One With the Chandler Bing TUBBZ

A TUBBZ duck collectable of Chandler Bing from FRIENDS sitcom holding a yellow rubber duck.

‘Hi, I’m Chandler. I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.’ Sarcasm personified, and best buddy to Ross since high school, Chandler Bing is always the first to quip a wisecrack or a funny one about someone or himself. Through the seasons, viewers have seen him grow from an awkward teenager to a supportive husband to Monica to a loving father to triplets. Not to forget, a roomie to Joey.

While his profession remains shrouded in mystery to this day, we’ve come to love Chandler as a kind, supportive friend who loves to offer sarcastic comments instead of advice. He’s here to entertain you with his witty charm as one of our FRIENDS rubber ducks. Our Chandler Bing TUBBZ won’t stay on for long, so grab him pronto!

The One With the Phoebe Buffay TUBBZ

A Phoebe Buffay FRIENDS TUBBZ holding a guitar and singing.

The resident ditz who talks with no filter, Phoebe Buffay is one to lean on, whether for keeping secrets or being a smooth operator. The Central Perk gang can’t help but listen to her crooning to Smelly Cat. She wears many hats, from musician to masseuse to tree hugger.

As a cosplaying duck, she doesn't fail to impress us with cute features crafted to capture her unique essence—not her twin Ursula’s. Complete in her avatar with a guitar, our Phoebe Buffay TUBBZ dons dangly silver earrings and a shiny ring and can be seen mesmerising fans like you to “Smelly cat, smel-ly cat. What are they feeding you?”

The One With the Ross Geller TUBBZ

The Big Apple’s favourite palaeontologist, Ross Geller, is a true blue science nerd, well-known for his expertise in dinosaurs and pivoting couches. As Chandler’s best friend from high school through all the seasons, we could relate to the emotional trauma of Ross’s multiple relationship troubles and stolen sandwiches. His obsession with Unagi took his nerdiness up a notch, but he remained charming as ever as a dad to Ben and Emma.

Now, as one of your friendly FRIENDS rubber ducks, he’s all set to take you on a journey to discover the dinosaurs and practise Unagi. Are you ready to join our Ross Geller TUBBZ?

The One With the Monica Geller TUBBZ

A rubber duck TUBBZ collectable in the avatar of Monica Geller from the sitcom FRIENDS holding a cleaning spray bottle.

Sister to Ross and a trained chef, Monica Geller was akin to a mother hen to the entire Central Perk gang. She was not one to be messed with, especially when it came to following her instructions and cleanliness. A self-proclaimed neat freak but one with a kind heart, Monica took Rachel under her wing and bonded with her through the seasons. Viewers loved their antics, from tackling Mr Heckles from downstairs to checking what the ugly naked guy was up to.

Transforming into a TUBBZ duck doesn’t stop her from ensuring your home is Monica-clean. Better get our Monica Geller TUBBZ collectable home before she gets snagged by Chandler.

Pivot! Towards Your Favourite FRIENDS TUBBZ Today!

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