Zavala Guardian from the Destiny series as TUBBZ rubber duck.

Collect Them All! Exploring the Complete Destiny TUBBZ Series

Of the different types of video games, shooter games always seem to be more fun and intense, don’t you agree? Defending yourself when the world is in peril can give any hard-core gamer an adrenaline rush. Adding other thrilling scenarios and role-play to the mix builds up the intensity of the character and the gameplay experience even more.

An award-winning video game, Destiny is a first-person shooter game for PlayStation and Xbox consoles popularly known for its engagingly competitive gameplay and breathtaking graphics. The success of the initial version spawned a sequel called Destiny 2 and gained even more mileage with avid gaming enthusiasts. The love and excitement for the game is so intense, that collectors and gamers can’t wait to get their hands on the latest Destiny merch in the UK

At TUBBZ, we love gaming, TV, movies, and pop culture just as much as you do, so we live and breathe all the series and their iconic characters and bring them to life as TUBBZ ducks in the UK. Taking your appreciation for the Destiny series to the next level is’s amazing collection of Destiny TUBBZ rubber ducks

Are you ready to discover what Destiny TUBBZ ducks are in store for you? In this blog we unveil the eight Guardian and alien TUBBZ rubber ducks we are treating you to.

1. Zavala

Saint 14 TUBBZ duck in all its glory from the Destiny gaming series.

The ideal leader in every sense of the word, Zavala, the Titan class of the Guardian is known and respected for being steadfast, powerful and talented. Not one to back down when the times are tough, he is a skilled commander leading the Vanguard troopers with all his might. 

It’s your turn to pledge allegiance to the leader of the Titan class and get him home along with the rest of the clan as a cosplaying TUBBZ rubber duck. 

2. Saint 14

Galaxies revere his name as the first Titan Vanguard, Saint 14 is adored for his courage and valour as the wielder of the Perfect Paradox. Looking magnificent in shining armour, you can get your favourite Saint 14 in a cosplaying duck avatar and a collector’s bathtub display box. 

As a premium collectible, we’ve created this TUBBZ duck in the UK in high-quality PVC with a particular focus on the detailing of the character’s features.

3. The Stranger

She has gone where no one has ever ventured before! That’s right, she’s The Stranger, forever on an adventure across the galaxy. With intricate detailing and stark features displaying the essence of her character, our The Stranger TUBBZ collectible is bound to wow fans and collectors alike!

4. The Drifter

Known for being The Gambit’s host, The Drifter is ready to throw some Taken at you. From the iconic beard and weapon on his shoulder to the Gambit coin in hand, this delightful TUBBZ rubber duck sports all the features of the beloved character from the Destiny series, and more. 

Time to grab The Drifter before he drifts away.

5. Eris Morn

Cayde-6 of the Destiny gaming series robot looking magnificent as a TUBBZ duck collectible.

An integral part of the first Destiny instalment, in Shadowkeep, Eris Morn returns in the second instalment to unearth one of the pyramid-shaped ships buried under the Moon’s surface. Fans and players alike still remember how her discovery made a valuable contribution to the game’s story since the Red War. 

Along with other Destiny merch in the UK, bring home this beloved cosplaying duck of Eris Morn, complete with intricate details like her embalming orb.  

6. Cayde-6

The adored Cayde-6 Exo robot is a must-have for those looking for iconic Destiny merch in the UK or anywhere in the world. Grab this robot as a plushie, cosplaying duck or in a boxed edition, but don’t miss out before they’re all sold out. 

7. Lord Shaxx

The friendly Sweeper Bot from the Destiny series as a TUBBZ duck.

Although an NPC, Lord Shaxx is known for mentoring the Guardians in both Destiny franchises. Now, as a cosplaying duck, when this warlord is not on his announcing duties, he’s dealing with a pond of ducks. How quack-tastic! 

You can find him in a boxed version too!

8. Sweeper

Living up to his name, the Sweeper Bot is not just a bot but an Exo as well. While this bot mans the Tower in the game, you can begin your Secret Mission to collect his cosplaying TUBBZ rubber duck form and get him home. Thanks to the detailed design, everyone can marvel at this friendly Bot in all its glory.

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